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A selection of genres: Biography, Chick-lit, Classics, Contemporary, Crime, Ebooks, Fiction, Historical fiction, History, Horror, Memoir, Music, Mystery, Non-fiction, Romance, Science, Suspense, Thriller, football, dystopian, historical romance, and current affairs.


R&R as follows:

1 star - didn't like: rubbed me the wrong way, was boring and/or badly written: a waste of time.

2 stars - okay: some minor quirks. I read it, but I also could've passed it without feeling I missed anything.

3 stars - liked: solid entertainment and enjoyment overall.

4 stars - really liked: good, gripping book that kept me going. I'd rec it!

5 stars - amazing!: these are books I got really engaged in and couldn't put down. My favourites - read them NOW!